Italian Culture 101: There’s no place like Italy

Following a random conversation with Maurizio (my husband) the other night, I started thinking over my original ideas about Italy before we moved. I tried to remember what I thought Italy would be like, how we would live, etc.  

As I pondered, sadly to say, I honestly thought everywhere in the world was similar to America. I had never lived outside of the USA; I did a bit of traveling for work, but nothing long term. 

I had visited Italy before a vacation spot; for some reason, deep down, I had the idea that everyday life would be similar to living in America. After moving, I had a sudden shock; everything was completely different. My loved Target or Cosco was no longer available. I had no idea where to find anything in the supermarket. On top of that, more than half of the “normal” American foods are not sold in the supermarket. Even today, carrying out a simple google search is daunting – “how do I write what I am looking for?” 

These changes were a shock at first; however, now it is one of the many things that keeps me in Italy. A Sudden realization that everyone in the world is different. Food has so many flavors, and life is lived better when things are diverse.

The danger is this will heighten your appetite to see the world. It has made me ponder tough questions about life and brought me to a better understanding of Italy and homo sapiens’ history. I have a deep desire to move back to everything “normal,” while at the same time, I am yearning to understand more of what is “out there.” 

Moving to Italy can be dangerous in that regard, but it’s hard to turn back once you start. 

This is my new series of tips – “Italian Culture 101” I hope to do justice to all the joys and laughs the subject has brought me over the years. 

As an introduction for anyone planning to move to Italy, I can say there is no place like Italy. Everything is different, and that is ok. The buildings are historical; the walls speak of lost love and adventures. The fashion trends set a standard for the rest of your life. The roads are small. Lunches are long, and the people are Italian! 

Benvenuti to Italia! 

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