Someone I Knew

She goes to the window to take a brief moment …to consider her reply.

Looking out of the all too familiar window, she wonders aloud … “if ‘this’ hadn’t happened what would I be doing?”
Probably physically exhausted after a long working week. But at least she would be outside, right? Embracing the scant sunshine with excitement, longing for the imminent summer heat and vacations. Maybe this weekend she could plan a shopping trip with the kids? Purchase some summer clothes to replace the well used ski gear. Or how about a mountain hike on Sunday? 
“No..not now” she sighs…turning from the window. She moves slowly through the house, everything seems different now. This weekend, she recognises will be same as the last six. She dreams of happier times. Photographs on the wall remind her of the heartbreak outside. Everyone knows someone that is sick or has passed away.
Sitting at her desk she checks media sites and scrolls through stats…their numbing reality a daily event now. 
“When will this end? What about the future?” She is frightened. Unsure of everything. Unable to find comfort in another. A mothers reassuring embrace is prohibited. It’s too dangerous they advise… “don’t take the risks.” 
A quick thought crosses her mind, “if I die, am I just another statistic?” 
The computer screen flickers shaking her out of this darkness. She closes the news and hits reply, you are not alone she writes… I am with you.’  

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