Our Beloved Bergamo

Our Beloved Bergamo

by Courtney Bogaard

The cobblestone roads run like veins
They wind their way past buildings painted with
intricate patterns
Like magic it turns our little town into a fairytale
Guarded by high Roman walls
Fortifying, protecting our beloved city,
Our fairytale hilltop village forever growing
As it draws you in and takes your breath away
with beauty at every corner.
But the true heart of it all, is its people.
Despite the darkest times they smile,
When deprived of lots they still give.
This is our home.
This is our Bergamo..

4 thoughts on “Our Beloved Bergamo

  1. Jenni Boshoff says:

    Aw fantastic, I have visited Bergamo and loved my visit, My godchild wrote this, I am very very proud of her

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